Live Water Lettuce

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Sorry, we are not allowed to ship water lettuce from Florida

Water Lettuce Live Pond Plant

Water Lettuce is a benficial floating pond plant with a deep, dense root sytem. When placed in flowing water, it acts as a filter, absorbs waste, and adds oxygen. The plant is a velvety light green, resembling heads of iceberg lettuce. If you can't get water hyacinths, these are a good substitute. Water Lettuce multiplies rapidly by creating new plantlets on short runners. Easily controlled in garden ponds, it grows to 12" across. Grows well in full sun, but in areas of intense sun and hot dry air, the plants do much better in full shade.

We will schedule your shipment for a future date if prepaid and requested. Be sure to include your zip code with your request.
These plants are picked one hour before being delivered to the Post Office on Mondays and Tuesdays only for distant deliveries to assure FRESHEST arrival.

We recommend immediate repositioning into the pond, do not allow live plants to sit in the box longer than absolutely necessary.