Sword Plant has semi-wide, long leaves that are light green. It rises 16 to 20 inches above the water and makes small white flowers on 10" stalks. This bog plant loves heat and humidity. Sword plant multiplies rapidly but it's tender roots are easily managed. Grows well in water temperatures from 50 to 95 degrees.
This plant makes a nice addition to a multi-plant clustering. In our bog, this plants is a friendly addition to beds of Parrots Feather, Miniature Bamboo,  and Canna. Most pond plants will rapidly fill open areas if allowed to run. However, we clear these areas yearly, so runners do not create the problems that they might in permanent bogs. For more control, pot all bog plants in shallow, wide containers without drain holes. Excellent and inexpensive containers for bogs can be as simple as cement mixing troughs sold at Home Centers for $5. A few knife slits in their bottom/sides allow them to stay wet, yet an area only 6 inches deep will house them well.

Zone: 8 - 11 for over-wintering
Size: 16-20 inches tall
Exposure: Full Sun to medium shade 
We recommend immediate re-positioning into a bucket filled with water, in light shade, until the plant(s) can be conveniently prepared for your water garden

Pond Sword Plant  $8.99