Pond Tips - Pond Medication

For insurance, we medicate the ponds early in the year to reduce harmful parasite levels. This is started BEFORE the water temperature reaches 50F degrees. Prazi is our first line of defense, and we treat monthly with Melafix. Potassium Permanganate is our backup for persistant issues, and we use the catch/treat/release method to treat injured fish. A strong salt solution in a picnic cooler often is all that is needed, but don't be afraid to hand rub or doctor a fish to deal with problems. If you import fish, they should be treated in quarantine and observed for two weeks before allowing them into your pond.

If you notice an anchor worm on a single fish, don't panic, but treat ASAP with Dimilin. Anchor worms travel on plants, birds and critters. A single anchor worm can drop thousands of eggs. Eventually, every fish in the pond will be infected. It usually takes three treatments to eliminate all life cycles of the worms. This treatment is effective on other copepod crustacean parasites as well, but can kill your beneficial snails. Always follow the directions carefully for best results.

Never eat anything removed from a pond that has been treated with medications unless you are certain that the medication instructions say that it is safe to do so, and you are within the safe period following the last application.

Lastly, there are numerous sites online that deal deeply with fish issues. We suggest that EVERY pond owner make themselves familiar with and have medicines on hand at all times. One favorite site is Doctor Johnson's; http://drjohnson.com/expanded/helppages.html

Good Luck and happy ponding.