Pond Tips - Home made filters for small ponds

Many folks have limited budgets and can not afford  store-bought Bio Filters for their small ponds. In an effort to find a lower cost method, we looked at new and simple methods and some new materials. We found numerous new materials, and found new ways to use some of the old ones. But, before we describe each of them in detail, let's talk about WHY we need pond filters, so there is a basic understanding of what we are trying to accomplish.

Ponds are installed with the intent of making a peaceful place where we can relax and possibly get a little closer to nature. We want to watch the flowers bloom, see and interact with the fish, and watch the moving water which, like fire, has a dreamy hypnotizing effect. It should be simple, right? Natural ponds are much the same and don't require any help at all. We install a pond and for a short time, all seems well.

Then reality sets in. Our water starts turning green, we find a couple of dead fish, and there's that new smell. Where did that come from. You're starting to understand that there is more to building a pond than just filling a hole with water. OK, it's time for some changes.

What happens is that your nice clean water has gone through physical changes. The wind has blown dust in, the fish waste (ammonia) has poisoned it, and the oxygen level has fallen to a dangerous level. It's time to restore it to it's original state.