Enzyme, Bio Bacteria, Trace Minerals
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Pond Magic Enzyme, Bio Bacteria, Trace Minerals - 16 oz


A brand new Product for Aquatic Ponds from your friends at Ailyns-Pond.Com

We have found a way to combine Enzymes, Biological Culture Bacteria and Trace Minerals in a single product. The following illustrates why you want to use this product.
Adding Enzymes and Bio bacteria to your pond rapidly builds a dense Biologic colony with millions of microscopic organisms that can provide you with a clear, clean, and healthy pond. A strong Bio (Biological) system does wonders for your pond. It cleans the water, reduces algae, reduces the muck on the bottom, stabilizes the oxygen levels, and makes the pond a healthy place for it's inhabitants.
Nitrates and Nitrites are harmful to your pond. Nitrate is a product of the decomposition of food sources like fish food, leaves or other organic things that end up in your pond. To reduce or eliminate the Nitrates, you want to build a strong Bio culture in your pond. This Bio colony will consume the bad Nitrates and convert them into harmless forms. Every surface in your pond can become a home to the natural microscopic bacteria and organisms that absorb Nitrates.
Winter temperatures kill or reduce the level of these good microbes and nature can take months or longer to rebuild their levels. In addition, each time that you do any cleaning, you are destroying some of the Bio culture. Rinsing filters, especially if using chlorinated water, will kill the bacteria present on those surfaces. It could take weeks or months for them to grow back again. You can get a jump start by adding a quality product like POND MAGIC that will rapidly colonize all of the surfaces with these good bacteria.
Enzymes help by attacking the sludge that builds up, quickly reducing it to a more manageable form. These remaining solids must then be caught by a settling filter to allow them to be removed from the pond. If such a filter is not available, the pond will accumulate a thin layer of a muddy consistency over all of the pond surfaces. This material is light and is stirred up again and again by the movement of fish or flowing water.
Separation filters are specifically designed to slow the flow of water and change the direction of flow from downward to upward which causes the solids to fall out of the water stream and accumulate on the bottom of the filter. A bottom drain quickly flushes them out of the system. Such a filter should be located high enough to allow the flushed water to flow by gravity to a treewell or other location that will benefit from this soil enriched water. Larger settling filters are designed with several chambers, often in combination with Matala filter media, to provide excellent scum removal and water cleaning. A polishing cloth can be added just before the water exits the filter. This barrier will catch the finest particles and pass only crystal clear water. See the reference below for a great home built filter design.
Most water does not contain a complete balanced level of trace minerals. These minerals are needed to grow healthy fish and plants. Just as a healthy diet provides us with all of the things that we need to grow strong, trace minerals are like our taking a multi-vitamin which provides great benefits.

A pond also needs specific minerals to provide a healthy life cycle in your pond. Minerals are leached away, consumed, or converted to different forms over time. Replacing these missing or lost minerals insures that your pond has everything it needs to stay healthy and resist disease.
We have combined all three products, Enzymes, Bio Bacteria Culture and Trace Minerals into one simple and completely safe powder. Just drop a spoonful into your filters intake, waterfall, or other moving water where it can be best distributed thru your pond. For still water, it is best to mix the product in water and distribute the solution over the whole surface. One 16 ounce container is sufficient for a backyard pond for a full season. This saves buying numerous products. Just add the Three-In-One product to your water per the enclosed directions to get all of the benefits that Enzymes, a strong Bio Culture and Trace Minerals can do for your pond's health and water clarity.
If your pond's health is in question, you are having algae problems or there are any obnoxious odors from your water, you need to start a better maintenance program immediately.
Excellent maintenance is a combination of solids removal, cleanliness, and the control of oxygen levels. Use a fine pool leaf net to remove large debris.
Use a UV light to kill suspended algae (Green water).
Provide sufficient filtration (5% of pond size).
Reduce feeding to recommended levels.
Add oxygenation when water temperature gets over 80F and any time your fish are hanging around the surface and gulping air.
You should be able to see clearly to a depth of several feet. If not, use an in-pond vacuum with a fine filter bag to remove suspended solids. Use an Algae Rod in a portable drill to remove string algae. Physical removal of string algae is necessary. Adding chemicals to kill algae is very detrimental to pond and critter health. If the chemical is not fit for human consumption, it's probably bad for your pond and inhabitants.
For best results, POND MAGIC should be added to moving water in the quantity of 1/2 to one teaspoon per thousand gallons of pond water on a weekly basis. Any time that the pond is being started up, as in the spring, or the filter system has been cleaned, a double dose of Pond Magic is recommended. You can not overdose by using this product, but adding excess quantities would be wastefull.


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