Majestic Queen Hardy Lily

Majestic Queen 1


Majestic Queen Hardy Water Lily

Majestic Queen, our newest arrival from the Orient.
Beautiful Bright Yellow Hardy Water Lily from  Ailyns-Pond

This is now my personal favorite yellow hardy lily. Each of these new arrivals from Malaysia seems to want to outperform all others. 
If it comes down to a choice of only one, I would not hesitate to select this lily over all other hardy yellows.
This classy hybrid Marliac rooted lily outshines Mexicana and does not produce runners that try to take over your pond.
Majestic Queen places most blossoms on the water, but some flowers rise on stems. It also has a varying opening pattern which seems to be based more on temperature and humidity than time of day. These new hybrids are a continuous surprise, often varying their pad colors. It's going to be fun watching these plants mature.
"Hardy" is a class of waterlily that means that the plant will survive thru the winter if not frozen. Many ponds freeze only at the top. Most hardy plants can survive in the deep areas of the pond where the bottom soil holds the temperature above freezing.

This tough lily is hardy in any zone at water temperatures above 35F. 
Plant Size is Medium Large. 
Origin is from the Orient, developed from Marliac roots.
Flower has pointed multi-hued petals of yellow and white with peach tints on it's lower petals.
Blooms are 5”-7” across. Plant has a 5’-7’ spread.
This water lily has a Marliac root system.
The pads are darkly mottled and the undersides are bright, freckled in reds and browns
This lily is Happy in 6” to 30" of clear water.
Shallow plantings produce more baby plants while deeper plantings produce more flowers. It is also beneficial to set new plants high in the water where they get lots more sun, until they develop numerous new pads. Then it can be lowered deeper. 
Water lilies of this type are happy in 3+ gallon containers or grown in the soil.
Good for lined or earthen ponds. 
An excellent prolific bloomer thru-out the growing season.
Water Lilies are rapid growers and need plenty of nutrients. Do not forget to fertilize regularly with pond spikes or tabs.

You will receive a well rooted, young adult plant that is already developing many lily pads and blossoms.
This sale is for ONE (1) 
Majestic Queen Yellow Hardy Waterlily plant.