Koi Yearling High Protein Food

Yearling Koi and Goldfish Pond Food

Koi Yearling Food for feeding newborn baby Koi from day 7 thru six months.

This is a blend of mixed high protein foods and specific vitamins and minerals that has been ground fine for all of the little guys.

A nutritionally complete, fine ground food for baby koi, goldfish, and other pond fish. Developed through our own experience of raising Koi during those first few weeks, This is a highly digestible diet that enables fish to efficiently utilize nutrients for rapid growth, which in turn reduces fecal waste and biological load on your pond and filter. It contains all needed nutrients for rapid fish growth, vitality, and vivid color.

Because of the fine texture of this food, it is extremely important to have superior filtration in the newborn growth tank. Never allow Ammonia or Nitrate to exceed absolute minimal levels. Young fish take months to develop strong immune systems. They have minimal resistance to all forms of bacteria and pathogens.
Treat them with laboratory cleanliness and care if you want good survival rates.

General Fish Feeding Notes:

Feed only as much food as your fish will consume in five minutes. Feed 1-8 times a day. If your fish have greens to browse on within the pond, they don't need as much protein food. If your pond is barren of green growth or you want your fish to grow large and fast, feed more often. Early in the year, start out with less food. Then gradually increase the quantity fed to allow your biological system to adjust to the extra load. Try to be consistant and make gradual changes for greater pond health.

Feed a food that matches your pond water temperature. Fish have difficulty consuming protein based foods when the water temperature is below 65 degrees F. In the spring and fall, when the water is cooler, feed vegetable based foods. After the pond water temperature falls below 50 degrees, stop feeding processed foods entirely. Your fish will live off of their stored fat thruout the cold months. If you really must give them something to eat during the cold months, only feed them vegetables and greens like parsley, cucumber, lettuce, melon, etc. These foods have to be presented in a manner that allows the fish to suck or nip on the exposed soft surfaces. Heads of Parsley work great when presented on a Parsley tree stand. This is a heavy base (flagstone) with a piece of 3/8" dowel rod glued into a drilled hole. Wrap a couple of strong rubber bands around the base of a bunch of Parsley and push it down over the dowel rod. This will hold the food where the fish can rip off small pieces. Parsley is like Catnip to KOI, they love it.

One pound bulk package $13.95 delivered via Priority Mail.

5 Lb Bulk. $9.00/lb,   25 Lb Bulk $7.85/lb  Please request a Paypal invoice. 

No delivery charge for pond food picked up.