10 Gram Pond Tabs

$ 4.99 for 16 Tabs

Price $4.99 for each package of Sixteen 10 gram tablets.

Large, double sized, 10 Gram Pond Tablets. Look at the shape of other pond tablets and you will see that they are all 5 gram tablets. There is twice as much material and higher concentrations of nutrients in our tabs compared to the lilygrow, pondtabbs, (15-5-10), plantabbs, (10,20,10), agsafe and all other types that we have seen advertised. 

Our tabs are 10 gram, 10-26-10, designed for slow release 30 day feeding on even the largest pond plants.
Non toxic, will not harm fish or aquatic life. Insert 1 tablet per gallon of pot size when planting, then add tabs thru-out the season. Heavy feeders like large Lilys should get one tab per month. Smaller plants should get one tab every 6-8 weeks. Place tabs deep into the pot and well below the crown of the plant.
On pond plant fertilizer tablets, you will find three numbers displayed like 10-26-10. These numbers represent the tablet's proportions of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). These are the three essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. Nitrogen (N) helps to produce green foliage growth, potassium (K) supports resistance to disease and assists plant vigor. Phosphorus (P), is the primary element responsible for healthy and agressive blooming and brilliant colors. The 10-26-10 ratio of nutrients in our tablets, give your water lilies, lotus and marginals what they need to produce spectacular blossoms.
Water Lilys, in particular, are heavy feeders that need extra fertilization. Our Copper FREE tablets are safe and non-toxic. They will not promote algae, and they will not harm fish or aquatic life. Check our list of essential elements and key micro-nutrients. Each tablet contains a combination formulated to promote a maximum blooming potential. These tablets are Fast Acting, and they give newly potted aquatic plants a big boost for an early start.
Application: For new potting, use one tablet per gallon of pot size. Place tablets near the bottom of the pot. Fertilize large plants monthly, and smaller plants every 6-8 weeks during the growing season.
Never, ever apply fertilizer to the pond water unless you want a terrific crop of ALGAE.
In our ponds we prefer to plant Hardy Lilys in cement mixing troughs that are about 2' x 3' x 6" deep. This eliminates having to pull and divide plants every spring as the wide expanse gives them plenty of space to stretch out. Tabs are inserted deeply about 4-6" away from the growth heads. 

Our Tropicals are raised in two gallon short pots with one inch of cement in the bottoms and feeder tubes. The weight of the cement keeps the pots from tipping when we are moving in the ponds. The plastic feeder tubes are sized to allow us to drop fertilizer tablets in and shove them down the tubes to the root bases with little disturbance to the plants. 
We also carry Large 21 gram Lotus Tabs, Full Year Fertilizer Spikes, Rose spikes and others.
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Only one package will go via First Class because of the 13 ounce Postal Limit. Larger quantities must go via Parcel Post or Priority Mail.