Albert Greenberg Water Lily


Albert Greenberg Tropical Water Lily

Nymphaea "Albert Greenberg" tropical day blooming water lily.
The round mottled leaves of this water lily can grow a 18 inches across,
and the plants can have a leaf spread of up to eight feet.
The petals of the flowers grade from yellow to pinkish-orange.
This is a Heavy bloomer, with Fragrant flowers. For medium or large ponds

Requirements: Tropicals need warm water.
In general, use 70F degrees as an absolute minimum water temperature for planting to avoid the tuber loosing all of it's pads and falling into dormancy. It's better to wait a couple of weeks until your water is warmer than to take a chance on planting it and then loosing the plant.

You MUST fertilize sufficiently with pond tabs for best results. Use only non-burning fertilizer. Big Water Lilies consume a lot of food.
Young water lilies need a lot of sun. Clear shallow water provides the greatest amount of light. Always start lilies as close to the surface as possible. A few inches under water is perfect. Then as the pads spread widely, begin dropping the pot lower, keeping all pads on the water surface.
We grow ours with just enough water over the pots to allow the pads to always lay flat on the surface. Try this, you will be very happy with the results. This plant will flower in the first season with sufficient sun and proper fertilization.

We recommend immediate re-positioning into a bucket filled with water, in light shade, until the plant(s) can be conveniently prepared for your water garden.

See our pond tips about growing Tropical lilies where the pond can freeze thru the cold months.

You will receive a well rooted, young plant that is already developing lily pads.
This sale is for ONE yearling lily plant.