18" Floating Island Basket


18" Floating Island Basket  $30.99 + S&H

Water Hyacinth / Water Lettuce Floating Island

Water Hyacinth / Water Lettuce Floating Island 

This is an 18" diameter floating basket for the control and protection of water plants including Water Hyacinths, Water lettuce, or any other surface pond plant.

When Water Hyacinths and other floating water plants are placed freely in the pond, they become targets of browsing by Koi, and other inhabitants. The new white roots are very tender and are considered salad by fish. Eventually, the continuous nibbling will kill the plants. This plant basket has a netting bottom that contains the roots and will eliminate that browsing. Another problem with Water Hyacinths is the intense sun in the southern states. It can burn the tender bulbs and weaken the plants. Bunching the plants together allows their leaves to shade the bulbs of the plants around them. Keeping the plants bunched together is easy with the floating plant basket. Floating Plants multiply quickly in the plant basket and expand over the edge. After a month or two the older plants will gain vertical height while the new ones along the outer edges will expand horizontally, thus creating a beautiful natural looking mound of flowering plants. Add a bottom tie-down cord and anchor the plant basket exactly where you want it.  Create a natural green island.
These baskets are available in 18" and 30" sizes, see our other sales for more info. These plant baskets are hand made to order here in the US using long lasting materials. Custom baskets are available.

This is another fantastic idea created by pond folks. Watch our "Tip-of-the-month" for other great ideas.